22 March 2010

Where we are

In the photography you can see the windows of the suite

Piazza in Piascinula, Trastevere. The house is on the right side

Casa Vacanze Trastevere is ideally placed for a short stay in Roma, a few hectic days, be it for business, tourism or any other reason.

Map and pictures in this page show the advantages of our location. Casa Vacanze Trastevere is near the embankment of Tiber river on the Trastevere side.

You are in a beautiful setting, opposite the Tiberina Island, near the river, in a building whose foundation goes back to Roman times, in a very romantic scenery.

From here, you are at walking distance from the most well known attractions of ancient, medieval and modern Rome.

You cross the river and the Island and you reach the ruins of twenty century old Portico d’Ottavia, now incorporating a beautiful medieval church and Jewish Ghetto, with it typical restaurants where jewish dishes are served, i.e. the most typical roman cuisine.

From there you walk to piazza Venezia, Quirinale, Roman Forum etc.

Full of history and beautiful places is also the Trastevere area, starting from the very Piazza where you stay.

There is another advantage, for the mothers-to-be. On the Tiberina Island, there is one of the best known hospitals in Italy, and for sure in Roma, Ospedale Fatebenefratelli. In this hospital many mothers come to give birth to their children, not only Roman mothers, but also from elsewhere. It is very convenient for relatives to be lodged just on the other side of the bridge leading to the hospital.